Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tastings in Scotland

Just wanted to let you know that I will be pouring all five of my 2009 wines at the following events:

Friday January 14th 7pm at Peckham’s, 61 Glassford St, Glasgow. A talk and tutored tasting (tickets £15 from 0141 553 0666)

Saturday January 15th 4pm to 7pm at Peckham’s, 21 Clarence Drive, Glasgow. A drop-in tasting of all 2009s.

Friday January 21st 4pm to 7pm at Peckham’s, 155 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh. A drop-in tasting of all 2009s.

Hope to see some of you there!


Anonymous Stuart Pemble said...

Dear David

We've just ordered you en primeur from BBR - a case each of the three available. We've bought each year since seeing the TV programme and really enjoyed the Passetoutgrains from then (07 I think). We have a case of 2007 Cote de Nuits Villages as well: is that worth drinking?

And might you do a tasting at BBR this year?

Stuart and Barbara

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Stuart Pemble said...

Sorry; that meant to say is that worth drinking now or keeping a bit?


Stuart and Barbara

9:51 PM  
Blogger David Clark said...

Stuart and Barbara,

Glad you enjoyed the Passetoutgrains. To my taste the 07 Côte-de-Nuits is still improving, but if you have a full case I’d try a bottle now and see what you think.

I will indeed be at BBR’s en primeur tasting in London on the 11th January.

Best regards,

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Stuart Pemble said...

thanks David. Only just picked this message up; and weren't at Berry's on the 11th. Hope it was good and that the en primeur campaign is going well.

They agree with you that it should be kept a bit longer: we'll probably enjoy it next Christmas. All the best for another excellent year.

Stuart and Barbara

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Zipi Schagrin said...

Dear David
I saw A T.V program about berry Bros Co. and found you a very intersting youg man.
I live in Israel in a wine region
Where my brother in low owns his winery.
I was impressed with your Vineyard buggy and I am going to tell him about it.
You gaine lots of compliments from the guys at Berry co. So I guess your wines are very good.
Keep writing on your blog.
Best regard,

9:52 PM  

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